Over nearly two decades, there has been significant research into student isolation within Higher Education programmes.  A large focus has been placed in two areas, the first is into ‘Non-traditional’ and International Students and their feelings of isolation in relation to the University community (Bowl, 2001 and Kingston and Forland, 2007).  The second, is in relation to those students who undertake Distance Learning Courses via VLe platforms (RovaiI and Wighting, 2005; Drouin and Rae Vartanian, 2010).  The problem that we foresee with this research is that the feeling of isolation is more pervasive across our students now than was assumed even ten years ago.

Thus, the rationale for our project PEAK is to inspire a greater sense of community within the performing arts across four community domains: across disciplines; across levels; between students and staff; with our industry partners and alumni.  By engaging with these four domains, alongside volunteer students and alumni, we planed to create moments where a re-learning of what is understood by the term community can take place; not just from the perspective of our students, but also as academics.