Our Research Projects

Project 1: 2011-Present

'Leaking Men and Abject Masculinities'

Project 2: (2014-Present)



Arianna Richardson, Abigail Boucher, Carolyn Defrin, Cristiane Bouger, Joseph Connelly, Kirsty Máté, Mark Flisher, Mark Harvey, Clara Rocha, Nick Kline, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Tomaž Krpič, Richard Gough & Walmeri Ribeiro (2018) Cabinet of GenerositiesPerformance Research,23:6, 93-120

Roe, S. (2017) ‘Chasing ambiguity: critical reflections on working with dance graduates, Research in Dance Education. Routledge, 18(2), pp. 205–216.

Flisher, M. (2016 and 2019) Generous Enema. [performed, University of Plymouth and LAB, Leeds].

Roe, S.L. (2015) Intussusception. [performed June 25 - October 22, 2015, Hull Truck Theatre]. (Dance, Choreographic Work)

Flisher, M. (2015) Caring/Not Fucking. [performed, The Tetley].

Roe, S.L. (2014) Dysfunction - Thinking Dance. In: Thinking Dance, July 7-17, 2014, Yorkshire Dance

Flisher, M. (2014)  Talking About Keith.[performed, The University of Plymouth]

Flisher, M. (2012) Spitting Distance. [performed March 10, 2012, ]Performance Space[ London].