Generosity and Whiteness

Over the past six years, I have undertaken a Practice as Research (PaR) doctoral project that explored how male body artists might challenge normative representations of masculinity in their practice without re-inscribing those same characteristics, behaviours and traits.  I concluded this study by arguing that it is the generosity of the participants or audiences of such works that can allow for a challenge to normatively to occur.  I say this because, it allows the work to act as a vehicle for self-writing, a way for the artist to take audit of his self and identify the way in which their identities might impact on the world around them.  


As I came to the end of my study, I was aware that one area in my practice that needed more attention was the way in which my racial identity might affect the world around me.  What became apparent to me, is that my own racial identity is rarely foregrounded, that is I am rarely aware that I am white.