Points of Contact

'Staring at Different Directions at the Same Project'

As our two separate projects slowly come to fruition we have started to find traces of each other in our practice. We have lived and worked with each other now for three years, so it is probably inevitable that we find ourselves being drawn to each others research, performance practice and disciplines; however, we think it's more than this.  We don't just talk about each other's work, instead we find ourselves using terms specific to each other's research projects to explain our own. Dysfunction, for example, was the starting point for my latest research project, but it also found its way into mine; and whilst I talk about contamination I've started to see this as a generous act rather than an aggressive and dominating one. As time moves forward we can identify more and more examples, and as such, we now find ourselves staring in different directions at the same project.

There are distinct differences with both of our projects though, not only am I choreographer and I'm a body artist, but I am interested in the visceral body as a metaphor whereas I'm interested in the literal opening up of the corporeal.  Our approaches to making work are also different, I am a solo artist who makes work on my own body, whereas I am choreographer who makes work on others. 

Because we share a draw to the ambiguity of the body we have decided that we want to explore the gaps where our practices blur.  We are not interested in harmony though, this is not a collaboration based on mutual giving and talking, this is a project based on collision, antagonism, and exposure.  We are interested in exploring what third project might emerge as our current projects contaminates each other. We are interested in to what extent contamination might be seen as generosity and why a contaminated generosity might be useful in understanding our work.

Artist Audit

Out first task then is to identify a lineage of artists that we see as being indicative of the practice we are interested in.  To do this we are in the process of creating an artist audit based on the criteria below, our aim is to identify five artists who meet at least three of them:

1. Artists that work with the body as a primary source of communication

2. A sense of viscerality present in the work

3. Work that might be considered as generous

4. Artists that create work within the gap of Self and Other

5. Work that deals literally and metaphorically with ideas of contamination