We are Sarah Roe and Mark Flisher, two artists (a choreographer and body artist to be more precise), two researchers, and two pedagogues, but not necessarily in that order.  flisheroe is our website.  Although we think of it as more than our website; it is more than just a repository of our practice, or an archive of what we have made, and what we've been talking about.  Instead it is a formal recognition of how two very separate entities have collided, clashed and fought to allow for a third to emerge.  

mark flisher

It has come to our attention that after spending six years in close proximity to each other, after spending mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights together our practice, research and ideas about performance have bled into each other.  I, for example, find myself talking about dysfunction, as a way of describing what emerged for me in Talking about Keith (2014).  Whereas I found myself drawn to abjection through the writings of Kristeva as a way of articulating my making process in Intussusception (2015 & 2016). Even our performance work has started to merge, my body art has started to look like choreography whereas my choreography is starting to draw upon artists such as Martin O'Brien and Bob Flanagan.  

flisheroe is our way of accepting this collision.  Of being interested in what might emerge when two very different practices come together.  It might not work, but we're happy to  take the risk.  We start by exploring what our previous work looks like together on the same page, or how our words in our research jump between separate blogs. In time we hope there might also be room to make 'stuff' together, to talk together, to allow a third "I" (and hopefully many more) to manifest.